Maynard Montessori Pre-school

We are currently planning for our reopening on June 1st for our current children. Please see our COVID-19 page for further information.

Our St Thomas Pre-school, Saffron Walden, is open and available for our Critical/Key worker families and the children of Critical/Key Workers from other settings. Please do get in touch!

We are taking admissions for new children for September 2020 and we are in the process of arranging virtual tours of our setting. Please do get in touch to register your child.

Welcome to Maynard Montessori Pre-school

We aim to provide a safe, secure and happy environment. In this environment your child can be guided through the Montessori education system by adults with a full understanding of the Montessori method. We will help your child to find their own potential and independence whilst on this journey of self-discovery and aid them in becoming a balanced, well-mannered and confident individual.

Michelle Wisbey